Harry And Friends

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2 thoughts on “Harry And Friends”

  1. To my college roommate and teammate .
    May God continue to bless you and your family as you continue your quest to motivate and show leadership to those that follow your example of hard work and dedication to their dreams to be successful.
    Elias O’Neal #1

    1. It’s MR. Gatorade from Houston Glad to meet you and help you with getting the Uber. Today when you came to meet up with me meant a lot not for the fact of how you example yourself with being humble, respect fun to all and also being very personal. Out of every professional ive met you’ve moved me to treat others as I should and being a neighbors friend.

      I hope you all well and hopefully we will cross more paths at sports events or etc.

      If only we had professionals acting like you in this world we would have a better sports industry


      Zack keller

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