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Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center

I would to share a bit of my personal life with my fans and visitors to this site. My wife and I have been involved with distributing toys and gifts to children and families in the Newark, New Jersey area during the Christmas season through Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center.

The feeling of winning a big game with my teammates was always special but to be able to bring a smile to the face of a child who might not be receiving toys or even one gift is even more special. For the past 5 years Maribel and I have made financial contributions, collected toys and personally gone into homes to spread the holiday spirit. I have been fortunate to be able to incorporate my grandchildren (My “Puddin” & My “Package”) in this project to develop and cultivate a sense of compassion and looking out for others. We have also been blessed to be able to work side by side with members of the Newark Police Department to accomplish the goal of distributing toys.

If you click on the videos you will get an understanding of what I mean.

So, I say this to proposition you with a “special offer” that could help benefit even more children and families this year at Christmas. But first, let me share a short story.

When I encounter many Football Giants fans locally and around the country they share their memories of the New York Giants first Super Bowl Championship over the Denver Broncos. Most will say that one of their best moments was when I went out on the field for the coin toss as the lone Captain against five Denver Bronco Captains. While many remember that moment very, very few people have the actual photo of that moment. But I do….! I have the actual photo gifted to me by the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On the surface because the photograph is so rare I could put it in the store and sell it but my purpose is not sell it. Instead I would like to autograph it and give the photo to all with a donation of $45.00 to Wynona’s House. With this deal you will get a one of a kind autographed photograph and a tax deduction with the donation. At the conclusion of this year’s toy distribution drive we will post a video of what your donation and dollars accomplished.

Please send your donation with your return address to the following:

Harry Carson Inc.
Wynona’s House
P. O. Box 852
Westwood, New Jersey 07675

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