Autograph Requests

Updated March 12, 2013

Since our site was established in 2006 we have bent over backwards to accommodate our loyal fans. We sincerely hope we can continue this “courtesy” and it is a courtesy that has been established to satisfy the desires of our fans. The most recent autograph policy of one free autograph per person was posted but apparently many of you choose to ignore the one autograph limit. Instead, many of you continue to send 6 -10 cards or photos. We get the message that many who send autograph requests turn around and re-sell their autographed items on the internet. We have a very good understanding of who makes a request for their personal collection and who will exploit our generosity for their own means. We will handle this matter in our own way moving forward.

We are happy to continue to accommodate Harry Carson’s fans with a one free autograph per fan policy if they strictly conform to the following rules.

  • Send one and only one flat item (football card or photo)
  • Include a self-addressed and self-sealing return envelope
  • Affix the correct postage

The turn-around on these items is rather quick. But we do want to issue a warning: If you do not provide sufficient postage for the return as well as do not send a self-addressed return envelope your item will not be returned. Once again our autograph policy is a very generous “courtesy” to the average fan that has gone very well. Unfortunately we will not allow this “courtesy” to become an unwelcomed expense for Harry Carson Inc.

We will also be happy to sign other non-flat or oversized items such as mini-helmets and jerseys with a $25.00 donation to Harry Carson’s charity of choice. By sending a check to Harry Carson Inc. in the name of one of the two charities listed below you will get a great autograph of Mr. Carson (with the HOF inscription) along with a charitable deduction on your present year taxes.

Any other non-flat items without a donation that require special handling (i.e. an item that needs to physically be walk into a Post Office, UPS or FedEx service center) to be returned to sender may not have the HOF inscription and could take 3-4 weeks to process.

Please make your check out to one of the two charitable organizations:

In the case of any autograph request all signings take place around Mr. Carson’s travel schedule. So if you need an item signed for a special occasion, please submit your request early enough to get it back in a timely matter.

All autograph requests should be sent to:

Harry Carson Inc.
P. O. Box 882
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Please mark your envelope or package “Att: Autograph Requests”