Regarding Congress

I would like to thank all the people I’ve come in contact with either in person or by way of the Internet over the past 2 months who have encouraged, begged or cheered me on to consider running for Congress later this year. To have folks from all walks of life (Young People and Old, Blacks, Whites, Latino, Asian, Republicans, Democrats, Independent and even Tea Party Supporters) give me their unwavering support was heartwarming and humbling. With so much encouragement I wanted to give the thought of running very serious consideration.

After several weeks of serious self-assessment and reflection I have decided not to seek any political office.

I consider myself extraordinarily blessed to have the life I live with boundless opportunities to make a difference in the lives of so many other people. For many of those I have come in contact with mutual friendships have developed. Those who have encouraged me to seek office never asked of my political affiliation, they did so because they know my heart. The general consensus of those leading the cheers was “we need good people in Washington”! As much as I understood that wish by others and wanted to fulfill it, I wrestled with how my own life would change. With the recent passing of several family members including my brother who was only 4 years older than me I could not summon the passion needed to attack this endeavor and give it 150% as I did to become a Hall of Fame athlete.

For those who personally know me I promise that while I am not seeking a political office I will continue to “Represent, Advocate and Inspire” those who feel they don’t have a voice.

Harry Carson