1986 Giants Reunion

86 Team Reunion was in the words of Maurice Carthon “the best weekend of my life!” Bill Belichick called our Reunion Weekend an “unbelievable, awesome experience that all of us will remember for the rest of our lives!” 51 of the 53 players and 8 of the 11 coaches including Parcells and Belichick participated in the event. For many of us it was fun to reassemble as a team once again but it was also an emotional experience that many of us never realized we’d have until we were in the presence of one another and able to express what it meant to be a part of The Team and forever linked to one another!

To all who attended the Fan-Festival I want to thank you for your participation. You were a part of something that we all felt was “special” and will never happen again, at least on that scale of participation by players and coaches.

Thanks to the Giants organization for their support and Michael Strahan for giving your time to “Host” the event and a special thank you to William Hauser who documented the event through his camera lens for the players and coaches to be able to always remember.