Damn, What Happened to My Defense?

Went to the Giants/Panthers game to bid farewell to the stadium I helped to open in 1976. I was there with some of my other teammates like Karl Nelson, Carl Banks, Jim Burt, Ottis Anderson and Lawrence Taylor. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time during the holidays with my 2 sons who had not attended Giants games in several years but being at the last game at Giants Stadium was special for me to do with them.

I love all of the players individually off the field but they all stunk up the place between 1 and 4pm. These guys left their hearts, pride and passion in the locker room or perhaps already forwarded those intangibles to the new stadium in advance of next season’s opening. They made a second string quarterback look like a Pro Bowler and a backup running back put up career numbers with over 200 yards rushing. I was embarrassed to see what I saw on the field. I went into the locker room after the game and one of the players apologized for the poor play of the team. He did not have to do that but I appreciated it. The reality is all players have an “off” day but off days cannot come when you are closing your building in front of your home fans on a beautiful December day.

I don’t need an apology but Giant fans who root for the team week in and week out deserve better.
One thing I do know is Wellington Mara probably rolled over in his grave with what was presented as Giants football by this team.

2 thoughts on “Damn, What Happened to My Defense?”

  1. Harry you are, and will always be THE MAN. You and Coach P. and LT made the 80s a wonderful decade for the state of New Jersey (and sure, why not, New york). These Giants don’t have the heart or the stomach for the fight.

  2. The ’86 Giants along with the ’85 Bears were the two best defenses of all time. I can imagine it can be frustrating for Harry Carson to watch his Giant defense struggle. But the Giant defensive line isn’t exactly lining up Leonard Marshall, Eric Dorsey and Jim Burt.

    Let’s face it, Justin Tuck is the only consistent player on the defensive line worth playing on the ’86 team. they never really replaced Michael Strahan and it showed.

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