An update on Donald…..

Most of you know that my son Donald was treated for a bone marrow disease called Aplastic Anemia. His last medical treatment was in early July 2006 at NIH in Bethesda, MD. He had a six month follow-up visit with his doctors in January of 2007 with another six month follow this week (7/10/2007). Aside from his bone marrow biopsy aspiration (the procedure took more than an hour to complete), I am extremely happy to let everyone know that Donald is doing incredibly well. His doctors at the National Institutes of Health are very pleased with his recovery. He is now due for his next follow-up in 1 year.

Donald is entering his second year of Graduate School in the Medical Master’s Program at Hampton University in Virginia. He hopes to attend medical school in the fall of 2008. For all of you in the Aplastic Anemia community being treated for the condition if you have an opportunity to be treated at NIH please jump on the opportunity, the hospital has wonderful doctors and a very professional and caring staff