Well, here we go…..

My webmaster (Gary) created a better way for me to stay in touch with fans and friends on a more ongoing basis with this new concept of a blog. I don’t know a whole lot about blogs but I’m willing to learn as I go. (You know, I didn’t know a whole lot about playing linebacker when I entered the league in 1976 but I think I learned a thing or two along the way.)

The last few weeks have been very busy and very gratifing to say the least reading all of the congratulatory emails, regular mail and getting congratulations remarks from people wherever I go. (I wish I could respond personally to everyone who emailed me.) It’s been a fun time but yet a very much surreal time in my life, especially at this stage in my life. Many who have wished me “congratulations” don’t know that I am a first time grandfather (Jamison). And while both my son (Donald) and my daughter (Aja) have some medical issues they are feeling better and are thrilled about the Hall of Fame honor for their Dad.

The one thing that I’ve taken from the honor is how it has affected so many people over such a wide spectrum, transcending race, age, gender, team loyalty, income status, etc…. This whole Hall of Fame thing has blown me away because it is bigger than me, the honor is truly about so many others.

I hope that you will share your thoughts here (whatever they are) and come back to my site often because even though I’ve been away from the game (as an active player) a very long time I love communicating with the fans and my friends who take the time to share their thoughts. Whenever I speak with my “Crunch Bunch” linebacker mates Brian Kelly, Lawrence Taylor and Brad VanPelt I share with them many of the stories I hear from many of you.

So, I’m going to give this blog thing a shot and see how we can all have some fun with it.


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  1. Glad to hear the “kids” are doing better. Love the idea of a blog.

  2. Hey Old Man! How have you been. Confrats on it all. Be in touch. Paul

  3. Hey Harry,

    It’s your old friend! SCSC
    Go Bullldogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    972 733 1652

  4. having had the honor of meeting you while you were woking with tony carvette and the subsequent honor of receiving an autographed jersey from you upon my retirement from 770 broadway(location of headquarters for structuretone) i deeply thank you and send my prayers for your son and say at 60years it is great to still be able to look at someone as and inspiration and hope to emulate the qualities of leadership that you engender…all the best and thank you…DENNIS HAINES

  5. Harry ,I’m looking for a picture of the Crunch Bunch back in the day to hang in my basement. I live in Maryland now, but still am a Big Giant fan . Do you know where I can get one ? Congrats on your Hall of Fame nomination…..1# all time Giant Linebacker !

  6. Harry, 1st and foremost, congrats on becoming a 1st time grandfather. I have no idea what it feels like to be honored by the NFL HOF (congrats there as well), but I also just became a 1st time grandfather on July 17th. Grandfather has to rank right up there with anything. What a great time for you! Well deserved.

    It was our (youngest son and myself) honor to meet you several years ago at an Atlanta Preseason game. You and Phil McConkey were gracious enough to come outside to our tailgate, in scorching heat, at the urging of that “pesky” Pat Hanlon. I really appreciated that.

    Back then, the HOF was a tender subject, but you signed my GIANTS HOF helmet for me anyway. I was convinced this honor would come for you and was thrilled to have your autograph added to my helmet along side Mr. Mara’s and Rosie Brown’s. The HOF is a well deserved “done deal” now, and I’d love to get your HOF designation on that helmet. I’ve got my ticket to your induction ceremony, but with all the demands on your time that day, I am doubting it is realistic to think I can catch up with you. Do you know if there is a scheduled time that weekend for us fans to impose on you for such things?

    Thanks, and again, CONGRATULATIONS!

  7. Harry: I saw your a photo of you during your playing days in the Star-Ledger on Sunday after you were inducted, one with your hands on your hips waiting for the offense to break huddle. Brought back some amazing memories. That image of warrior #53 standing in the middle waiting for the adversary to present himself is forever burnished in my mind. You were a great player and you’re a good man. God bless you richly.

  8. Harry,
    I watched you during both the losing and winning times. As a lifelong Giants fan, I was always a Harry Carson fan. I was actually shocked to realize that you did not make the Hall earlier. I thought I remembered you as already in!!!

    Well, you’ve been in my Hall of Fame since I watched you as a teenager. I think for me your attitude of kindness and respect for people was apparent to me as a teenager.

    I also went to college with Karl Nelson. How is Karl’s health?

    Well, God bless you Harry.

  9. Harry,
    Congrats to you, think of you often hope your family is well. I’ll be bringing my son
    to a Giant game 11/5/06 if your in the area let me know 914-906-8614 I think he
    was in my tummy when I last saw you, he’s 14 now and playing linebacker himself.

    SuzyQ 4

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