Help our Super Teammate Brad Benson

For the past five years, Brad Benson, a longtime Giant who helped the franchise win its first Super Bowl, has been facing numerous neurological and physical challenges which require monetary assistance. I am calling on all my former teammates and Giants fans everywhere to help Brad tackle his latest opponent in his time of need.

If you want to help, please donate via the Brad Benson GoFundMe campaign. I would like to thank the Mara and Tisch families for kicking off this campaign with personal family contributions.

As part of this campaign, if you contribute $500 or more, I will send you a personalized Harry Carson poster with a 9 x Pro Bowl & Captain SB XXI inscriptions. If you have already made a qualifying donation, please reach out and I will send you a poster as well.

Please donate now. When we all work together, SUPER things can happen.

To claim your poster, please send your name and address as well as a copy of your GoFundMe receipt to

Carson Addresses House Forum On Traumatic Brain Injuries

Harry Carson joined other former players as well as brain-injury researchers to address a forum organized by House Democrats who are exploring what can and should to make the game of Football safer for players on all levels.

“Every parent should be informed. They should be informed as to what risks they are subjecting their kids to,” said Carson, “Understand that your child could be subject to a neurological injury that could affect them for the rest of their lives.”

“There’s a physical risk that you assume when you play. I think all of us understood the physical risk. But when we played…there was no information on the neurological risk.”

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News From Harry

Hi everyone. This is Gary, Harry Carson’s faithful webmaster with some news and information that Harry wanted me to pass on to you.

First, please check out the new In The Community page in which Harry talks about his work with Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center. There’s a special offer there for Harry Carson fans, so please have a look.

Additionally, Harry would like you to know that as of August 2017, he will no longer be participating in card shows anywhere. Harry will continue to honor fans autograph requests through the mail, attend events he has committed to attend and sign items purchased from the store.

Festival of Economics of Trento 2017

I know, I know….! I have not updated my website in a while, my apologies to those who would like to keep up with what I am doing especially in regard to sports related concussion or traumatic brain injury issues. I promise to do better moving forward….

While I have been active promoting concussion awareness locally in the New York/New Jersey areas, I wanted to share that I recently had the opportunity to travel to Trento, Italy to participate in the Festival of Economics of Trento 2017. This is the 12th year of the Festival that has grown steadily year by year.

My role as a panelist was to share my thoughts on the benefits of sports to promote good health but also point out the hazard of sports related injuries that can have an adverse effect on health short and long term. I was honored to be invited by the festival organizers to share my sports experiences and discuss my thoughts on the short and long term effects of concussions on athletes. I was also honored as many of the Festival’s participants were experts in the field of economics from around the world including some of the leading Economist, University professors and Nobel Prize Recipients.

My session was very well received, well attended and covered by the Italian media, so much so that I was invited by organizers to participate again next year. I am already looking forward to 2018.

Harry Receives Honorary Doctorate From Fairleigh Dickinson

Harry Carson Receives Honorary Doctorate – Photo Credit William Hauser

Harry Carson, New York Giants Hall Of Famer and Superbowl champion delivered the FDU 2015 commencement address and was given an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

“Don’t be afraid to strive for something out of your reach,” said Carson

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