Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson, Gary Reasons and Carl Banks

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  1. One word says it all……… GREATNESS !!!!!! I am glad to have experienced watching this crew when they were on the field in the 80’s (live). Haven’t seen a corp like this since. Thank God for YOUTUBE and my old VHS tapes, cause when my kids are old enough, they will experience watching them the way I did. Thanks Harry, Gary, Carl and L.T.

  2. As a Giants fan for 50 years I just want to say thank you for representing my team at such a high level for so many years. I had the great pleasure of watching Huff, Robustelli and Lynch play great defense in the early 60s and then again with you and the guys in the 80s and 90s .Thanks for the wonderful memories- Darryl

  3. My comment comes from a mom’s point of view… I see a lot of pride as I look at this picture of so much success!!!! Congratulations to you all for being honored for your hard work and successes.

    I have a special request as a past foster parent for the Nephew of Carl Banks. If someone sees this comment and knows how to contact Mr. Carl Banks, I would appreciate your help in giving him my contact information so he could email me. I have important information I believe he would like to know, however I have no way to make the contact personally. I appreciate the effort that anyone will take in helping me with my attempt to give Carl some family updates.

    Linda Forward

  4. Of the greatest linebacking crews in the history of the game.!

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