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775) Frank Creegan  Male
Long Valley, NJ
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3-18-2015 04:00 AM Host:

I Went to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland 40 years ago. The Cleveland Browns practiced at my school..I new Erich Barns, Traded from the NY Giants. He told me that the future of football was going downhill because of the players weights. I guess it has taken 40 years for his prophecy to come true. Football would be a better sport if no player weighed more than 220 pounds.
It is all physics..Less injuries with less weight..Leroy Kelly weighed less than 200 pounds.
A better game in those days..Please call me. 908 879 4149 and I will tell you what Bill Nelson(quarterback) had for lunch everyday.(I worked in the Deli at the Commodore Hotel on Euclid Ave. where the team stayed and I made the lunch sandwiches for the team everyday they practiced on campus).

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