Captain For Life

Captain for Life is now available wherever books are sold.

With the issues of player concussions and retired players health now a very hot button topic, Captain for Life will shed additional insight on the game from a first person perspective. Some readers will be very surprised with my stance on the game of football while others will see the game but more importantly the residual after effects of the game as an “eye opener”.

The concept of the book had been on my mind for more than 20 years. I actually began writing it in 2004 but when I was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame I had to reluctantly put the project aside due to a heavy schedule. I was able to return to it and finally complete it in 2009.

Captain is my own first person narrative and personal journey through my early years, my 21 year football career and life after football. It is my personal account of injuries sustained playing the game and specifically concussions I gave and received as a football player and my experiences living with the lingering after effects.

Traumatic Brain Injuries or Concussions in contact sports especially football has recently become a “hot button” topic in the media but is a subject I’ve spoken about long before there was even a word spoken on the subject by the media or the NFL. Captain is not your typical, football-related, feel good book. It is my honest assessment of the hazards of the sport and business of football and is a voice for many football players on all levels who no longer have a voice to be heard.

Some may never see the sport in the same light as they did before.

—  Harry Carson

“CAPTAIN FOR LIFE is an incredible book that shows readers what it’s really like to play football in the NFL. This is a tough, gritty true story about what it takes to succeed in the NFL by one of the best middle linebackers to ever play the game–and the price he paid for giving the sport everything he had. Football fans: this book will entertain you and show you a side of football you’ve never seen.”

— Mike Golic, former NFL defensive lineman and co-host of ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning

“The highlights of my NFL career are winning two Super Bowls, having Wellington Mara as my owner, Bill Parcells as my coach, and Harry Carson as my captain. This book should be required reading for every true football fan.”

— Mark Bavaro, former New York Giants tight end and Super Bowl Champion

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